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Fair Game

Valerie Plame (played by Naomi Watts) is a covert high-powered CIA agent investigating the biological and weapons program in Iraq soon after 9/11. Her husband is former diplomat Joe Wilson (by Sean Penn) who has expertise in Africa, was asked to investigate the possibility of Niger supplying yellowcake to Iraq. After his (government arranged) work about the basis for Iraq building weapons of mass destruction, he realises that the results were ignored and he exposes this in the media.  This movie tells the story of how (as a result of Joe’s actions) Valerie was “outed” in the media  It provides a compellling insight into this true story (based on the memoirs of both the Wilsons).

I liked this movie and really wanted to find out what happens in the end – I hadn’t realised it was based on facts until the end. The performances are excellent – Sean Penn is fabulous in this bombastic role and the news footage at the end of the movie shows that Naomi Watts made a good job of playing Valerie. A good movie.

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