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Safe House

Matt Weston (played by Ryan Reynolds) lives in Cape Town, South Africa with his French girlfriend Ana (by Nora Arnezeder). They would love to relocate to Paris, but Matt’s job won’t allow this at present. Ana doesn’t know it, but he is a fledgling agent of the US Secret Service assigned to manage a Cape Town CIA safe house. He is frustrated because he wants to see active service so he can get a promotion and he keeps the safe house at the ready at all times, but the CIA never seem to need it. Elsewhere in Cape Town, Tobin Frost (by Denzel Washington) is in a bit of bother – he’s an ex-CIA operative and he has something that’s highly valuable to the CIA and other international security agencies – he plans to use it to expose the underhand dealings in these organisations. A team of dangerous gunmen are pursuing him for this valuable cargo so he turns himself over to the US Consulate to escape – he is immediately recognised and as the US government want to keep him where they can see him, they keep him under wraps until they can get him out – at Matt’s safe house. Now all Matt has to do is keep Frost safe and not let him out of his sight until he can be interrogated – but that’s easier said than done ….

The plot of this movie is interesting and Daniel Espinosa makes good use of hand-held camera work to depict the chaos of the environment. However, most of the characters are only given superficial treatment – I would have preferred to see more depth in both Weston and Frost as the leads and particularly more made of Vera Farmiga’s character as a CIA agent. But as a thriller, it serves its purpose – the twists are far between but there are chases, gunfights and punch-ups for those who enjoy that sort of thing. Sam Shepard and Brendan Gleeson join Farmiga as supporting CIA agents whose allegiances are curiously blurred. This is the first American film from Swedish director Espinosa – but there’s not quite enough in this for me.

Made in 2012. Directed by Daniel Espinosa

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