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Irrational Man

The small college campus in Newport, Rhode Island, goes along pretty much as usual – until the day a new philosophy Professor starts. His reputation arrives before he does – he’s a brilliant thinker, but a womaniser and an alcoholic. He’s Abe Lucas (played by Joaquin Phoenix). His arrival is much heralded, but the reality is a little different. In class, Abe is as expected – a reliable, fascinating teacher. But in his personal life, he’s jaded, burnt out, negative, drinking too much and seeking something more. A fellow professor, Rita Richards (by Parker Posey) is fascinated by him and doesn’t hide the fact she’s attracted to him, but this washes over him. However, his student, Jill Pollard (by Emma Stone) sparks his interest. She’s smart and unknowingly beautiful – a relationship starts and Jill quickly gets serious about it, but Abe is not committed. One day they are out having coffee when they overhear a conversation in the diner. Abe is captivated and suddenly decides this is a sign, it’s why he was put on the planet in the first place – he must take some action. But what he’s set on doing, whilst straightforward and obvious to him, will change the course of many people’s lives …

This movie promises much, but leaves me a little cold. As usual with Woody Allen movies, you never quite know what you’re going to get – sometimes they are delightfully entertaining, other times they’re a bit drab and uninspiring. This is one of the latter types, but I’m not sure why – the plot has interesting points and both Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone are good, but that’s it. Parker Posey’s role is underdone and I get the feeling nobody is really trying too hard in this movie. Wait for this to come on television – and then only if you’ve got nothing better to do.

Made in 2015. Directed by Woody Allen


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Grace of Monaco

It’s 1956 and Grace Kelly has made a worldwide name for herself as a beautiful and talented Hollywood movie star. She stuns the world when she suddenly announces she will leave her movie career for love – she marries Prince Rainier III of Monaco and becomes Her Serene Highness the Princess Grace of Monaco. The couple have children soon after their marriage and by the early 1960’s the Prince and Princess have welcomed Prince Albert and then Princess Caroline to the family. Grace finds it difficult to adjust to life in the tiny French Principality and she has failed to build the confidence and engagement of her community. This becomes complicated when a significant political crisis arises between Monaco and France. The future of Monaco teeters and they are on the verge of a wholesale French invasion. With her marriage on shaky ground, her Monaco community viewing her with suspicion and the world waiting for her to fail in her most public of assignments, she must summon all the determination and confidence she can to show she is made of strong stuff and is the right woman for this, her most significant role ever.

This is an interesting movie, but it’s not at all what I expected. There is very little soap opera here and even less about the lifestyle, gowns, luxuries and foibles of royal life. The drama is squarely focussed on the difficulty young and inexperienced Grace Kelly had in gaining the acceptance of the Monaco community at the time – and on the politics of the months during the political crisis between French President Charles De Gaulle and Prince Rainier III. Depending on how much of it is true, it’s fascinating to see the roles and influence of personalities around at the time – Aristotle Onassis and Maria Callas feature strongly, as does Alfred Hitchcock and Father Francis Tucker. I wasn’t disappointed, it’s quite watchable.

Made in 2014. Directed by Olivier Dahan.

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