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Gone Girl

Nick Dunne (played by Ben Affleck) can’t believe his luck. He’s got a great job at a magazine, a fantastic life in New York and has just met the most wonderful, beautiful, intelligent and unique woman ever – what’s more, she’s interested in him too. It’s the exquisite Amy (by Rosamund Pike) … even her name is beautiful. They spend several wonderful years together – their New York City lifestyle, their infatuation with each other and their wonderful love makes it all so easy … it’s fabulous. Then Nick’s mother takes ill and they move back to his hometown in Missouri. Amy isn’t so keen, she’s used to a more high-brow lifestyle, but she totally loves Nick, so supports him in this without question. Back in his small home town, she funds Nick and his twin sister, Margo (by Carrie Coon) into a business together – they run “The Bar” – a hip watering hole in town. On their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy suddenly goes missing and all the clues point to Nick … has he killed her? Why would he do that?  Nick swears blind he knows nothing of Amy’s disappearance. Her well known parents, Rand and Marybeth Elliot (by David Clennon and Lisa Banes) arrive in town and the paparazzi are stirred up with the intrigue of Amy’s disappearance. They hound Nick incessantly. The police investigation is headed by Detective Rhonda Boney (by Kim Dickens) … she’s not sure about Nick – did he do it? …. Were they really as happy as he makes out? It seems Nick’s only ally is his sister Go, but even she’s starting to wonder what’s really going on ….

This is a well made thriller. From the outset the scene is set well and the characters are compelling. As Amy, Rosamund Pike is outstanding – her multi-faceted character is revealed piece by piece throughout this work and she is marvellous. Ben Affleck puts in a very strong performance as Nick Dunne and there are wonderful performances from others, particularly Neil Patrick Harris as the weird Desi Collings. Tyler Perry is a useful breath of fresh air as Tanner Bolt, a big city lawyer hired to defend Nick. There are enough layers of intrigue and twists in this to keep a viewer engaged. But somehow it seems to lose momentum towards the end. Perhaps I missed something, but it just tends to peter out somehow.  I may be alone in that opinion however. Rosamund Pike earned an Academy Award (Oscar) nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, which is very well deserved. Overall it’s a watchable, enjoyable movie, but I wouldn’t rave over it.

Made in 2014.  Directed by David Fincher

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The Social Network

This is about the beginnings of the social networking phenomenon. We meet Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) as a brilliant, but eccentric computer nerd at Harvard University in 2003. In the opening scene (stick with it, it’s chaotic but just try to follow the dialogue) Mark is summarily dumped by his girlfriend. To take revenge on her he creates an internet listing that rates the girls in the Harvard colleges. This is called Facemash and whilst the backlash gets him in a heap of trouble, it also sparks interest by the Winkelvoss twins, Cameron and Tyler (both played by Armie Hammer) who want to create a network of Harvard undergraduates. Zuckerberg agrees but develops his own Harvard network called The Facebook instead. To develop this further Mark teams up with his best friend Eduardo Saverin (by Andrew Garfield) to as an investor for the scheme. The story progresses through the court case mounted by the Winkelvoss twins to sue Zuckerberg, his own huge success with Facebook and the outcomes of each of his original business/personal relationships where friendship, loyalty, envy and competitiveness are played out. A great component of this is provided by Sean Parker (by Justin Timberlake) who is the creator of Napster and was an early supporter of Zuckerberg and Facebook.

Jesse Eisenberg is great in this role – perhaps not always someone you like, but really interesting character. The others are good too, Armie Hammer does the Winkelvoss twins beautifully, Andrew Garfield is great and Justin Timberlake does very well. The film is really interesting too – it’s based on the book ‘The Accidental Billionaires’ by Ben Mezrich.

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