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In Morocco, American Richard Jones (played by Brad Pitt) is on holiday with his wife, Susan (by Cate Blanchett). In Tokyo, a young teenage girl, Chieko Wataya (by Rinko Kikuchi) is facing the challenges of adolescence, while she deals with the sudden death of her mother. In San Diego, Mexican housekeeper Amelia (by Adriana Barraza) is busy caring for two young children Debbie (by Elle Fanning) and Mike (by Nathan Gamble), while her son’s wedding approaches and she hopes to find someone to care for them while she attends back in Mexico. In a poor mountainous war-torn region, two mischievous young shepherd boys Yussef (by Boubker Ait El Caid) and Ahmed (by Said Tarchani) are playing near their home as they tend their herd of goats. These four totally independent stories explore a range of emotions, challenges and decisions in the lives of their participants. In every case, trivial or insignificant decisions and actions brought about by fate cause high impact outcomes that are emotionally charged, difficult and life-changing. As the drama progresses, we learn how the stories are actually strongly interlinked and there are marked parallels in them all.

This is a stunning film filled with compelling drama, authentic characters, deep emotions and excellent performances. In every of the four scenarios, everything is very real – in some cases very hard to watch. The decisions made by the people – innocuous at the time but with significant results, are just jaw-dropping. On the one hand, the scenarios are mysterious and the viewer is drawn into them, mostly to find out what will happen – but on the other hand, the viewer also watches with detachment (sometimes utter disbelief) at the actions of the characters. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett don’t play “big, blockbuster, movie star” roles here, they are simply part of the magnificent ensemble cast. The cinematography is very well done and brings the landscape and environment to the audience very graphically, while the music brings the raw emotion in each scenario into stunning focus. In 2007 at the Academy Awards (Oscar) presentation, this movie won the award for Best Music Original Score – it was also nominated for several other awards. By necessaity, this is a multi-lingual movie, so several scenarios are presented with English subtitles. It’s a really great movie. 

Made in 2006. Directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

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