22 Jan

If there’s one thing Chef Adam Jones (played by Bradley Cooper) wants more than anything else in the entire world … it’s another Michelin star. Once he had the world at his feet – two Michelin stars to his name already, head chef in a top French restaurant and an astronomically successful career ahead of him. But his hard-working lifestyle involved hard living too – he cared little for anything except his next exquisite culinary creation, so his friends, his career and his morals all left him … with his reputation following soon after. Now … after two years of drug detox and rehabilitation, he’s back – this time to take London by storm with his own restaurant. But will he be able to break free of his sins of the past – and the people who still have unpaid debts and grudges to settle? … will he finally get that elusive third star?

This movie is not one of Bradley Cooper’s best … the story is basically “a self-absorbed, badly behaved, bratty and selfish Chef tries to build his reputation in a business where he rubs everyone up the wrong way and gets nowhere – but then he eventually grows up” … It’s not the most memorable of movies.  Sienna Miller plays a very talented chef, Helene, which she does well. Emma  Thompson’s character,  therapist Dr Rosshilde, is horrendously awful and the only reason she is there is that the scriptwriter couldn’t find another way to introduce key concepts to the story. Daniel Bruhl’s character, restaurant owner Tony,  at least has a point. For several of the cast though – Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Emma Thompson, Daniel Bruhl and Uma Thurman – you will see them far better in other roles.

Made in 2015. Directed by John Wells.

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