The Intern

20 Jan

Ben Whittaker (played by Robert De Niro) has lived in New York City his entire life. He was born here, met and married the love of his life here, raised his family here and had a successful career here – all in these familiar streets. Now, aged 70 and having recently lost his wife of over forty years, he’s trying his best to make the most of retirement. His family are nearby and he sees them often, he has a few friends and keeps active daily – but something’s still missing. He spots an advert for a “Senior Intern” at an online fashion organisation and decides to give it a go. The innovative business is only 18 months old and is growing quickly. It has all the features of a modern, dynamic organisation – open plan offices, relaxed dress code, flexible working, in-house masseuse – and their Intern Program welcomes candidates of any age. So Ben figures – why not?  Their founder, Jules Ostin (by Ann Hathaway), is a one-woman show, so at first Ben – feeling like an invisible fish out of water – struggles to find his place. But he can see that having this totally focussed leader and after such rapid growth, the staff and their approach can do with some tweaks here and there. Slowly he starts to forge a place for himself in the organisation, get to know his colleagues and uncover the truth … that Jules’ does actually have a softer side. But … will this Internship work out? … or are his ways just too old-fashioned to fit into a professional life any more?

This is a sweet movie. As Ben, Robert De Niro is lovely. He’s unassuming and totally endearing in this role. He works with Anne Hathaway very well. Renee Russo’s role as corporate masseuse, Fiona, is just right – there’s not too much made of her role, but just enough for it to add to the story. The fellow interns are great too – best of all is Davis, played so well (perhaps he was just being himself …) by Zack Pearlman. Overall, it’s a nice way to spend a couple of hours and is a very easy movie to watch.

Made in 2015. Directed by Nancy Meyers.

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