American Gigolo

31 Jan

Julian Kay (played by Richard Gere) has the world at his feet. He’s done the hard yards for it … working his way up from two-bit call boy to a high class gentleman escort with clientèle from the most affluent of Beverly Hills and international society. He’s good looking, charming, has a razor-sharp dress sense and drives a top notch car. He still turns the occasional trick for his old pimp, but only as the odd favour. One night, he meets Michelle (by Lauren Hutton), the beautiful and savvy wife of a local political candidate. Julian and Michelle form a strong connection. They start a relationship but Julian continues to work. As his success depends solely on his discretion, when he finds himself mixed up in a police investigation, his clients start to get nervous. Julian is implicated in a serious crime involving one of his clients and Detective Sunday (by Hector Elizondo) won’t let up on his pressure. Will Julian be able to keep it all together?

This movie is a good drama. Richard Gere puts in a strong performance here and it’s entertaining to see the 1980’s fashions and lifestyle from today’s perspective. As a thriller, it does alright and it’s an interesting depiction of lifestyles of the time. Hector Elizondo puts in a good performance and Lauren Hutton looks great. The drama itself is fairly pedestrian and, although there’s nudity, many aspects of this lifestyle that obviously involves sex, prostitution and drugs is left to assumption. Overall, as a crime and love story, it’s pretty good.

Made in 1980. Directed by Paul Schrader.

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