The Water Diviner

16 Jan

Joshua Connor (by Russell Crowe) can find water anywhere – it’s his gift. In Australia, water is critical for farm livelihood and Connor has found the perfect spot to settle his family and establish his farm. He and his wife, Eliza (by Jacqueline McKenzie) raise their three sons – Art (by Ryan Corr), Edward (by James Fraser) and Henry (by Ben O’Toole) very happily. World War I comes and the three teenage Connor boys volunteer for the Army. Joshua waves his sons off to war and wishes them adventure, great courage and victory. When news comes that all three sons have been killed, Joshua and Eliza are devastated. Their home is no longer happy, they are desolate and their lives become hopeless. Eliza pleads with Joshua … “You can find water anywhere – so why can’t you find your sons?”. Heartbroken, Eliza finds it difficult to carry on and Joshua heads to Gallipoli in Turkey to try to find his boys and bring them home …

This is an enjoyable adventure movie. It is based on true events and is beautifully shot both in Australia and Turkey. Some scenes are truly emotional and the performances in these are beautiful. There’s a lot of action and daring in much of the movie also. For ANZACs – Australians and New Zealanders – the timing is important as 2015 marks 100 years of this significant battle in both countries’ histories, so it becomes even more poignant. Overall, it’s entertaining. As Joshua, Russell Crowe does a good job – he’s authentic and (although it does hit a little at “Indiana Jones” in places) it’s a good story. It’s great to see so many Australian actors in this one too – Steve Bastoni, Dan Wyllie, Jacqueline MacKenzie and Damon Herriman are great. The original score is by Australian musician and composer David Hirschfelder also. As Ayshe, Olga Kurylenko is stunning – she is really beautiful and she is quite strong here. Yilmaz Erdogan is very good as Major Hasan and it is great to see super model Megan Gale make her film debut as Fatma. Young Dylan Georgiades does very well as Orhan. Overall it’s good.  Well done, director Russell Crowe.

Made in 2014. Directed by Russell Crowe.

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