Son of a Gun

16 Jan

In Perth, Australia, 19 year old JR (played by Brenton Thwaites) has just been convicted and sent behind bars for six months. In prison he tries to stay out of trouble, but trouble seems to find him – until Brendan Lynch (by Ewan McGregor) takes an interest in him and protects him. From the inside, Brendan arranges for JR to meet some of his contacts after his release so JR naively seeks out Sam (by Jacek Koman). Brendan and Sam have a plan and JR’s got a starring role. Sam’s been around and you don’t muck around with him – so JR is not quite sure what he’s getting into. JR stages a prison break to get Brendan out, then as a reward he’s invited to join in on the big heist. He meets Tasha (by Alicia Vikander) and they all travel to an outback Kalgoorlie gold refinery to put the plan into action. But there’s a few hiccups. JR gets caught up in the mess and things get deadly. Can he still trust Brendan? Will he come out of this alive?

This movie is reasonable, but not outstanding. To me, it’s just not convincing – although I’m a great fan of Ewan McGregor’s work, even he can’t save this one. The characters are not explored well and we don’t really learn anything about JR or what motivates him. The other characters are depicted as people you’d rather not get to know, so the whole thing is a little unco-ordinated really. As Tasha, Alicia Vikander is fine, but her character could have been far more interesting.  Even the twist in the plot is a bit pedestrian. It’s good to see a movie shot in Western Australia and that is done well. The action scenes are done well also, but the characters are flat. I wouldn’t really bother with this one.

Made in 2014. Directed by Julius Avery.

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