Grand Piano

14 Jan

Tom Selznick (played by Elijah Wood) is a virtuoso classical pianist who’s been absent from public performances since he famously choked during a difficult piece in a recital five years ago. His wife, Emma (by Kerry Bishe) is a successful performer herself and after her strong encouragement he has come back to the stage. This is his first performance back and the auditorium is pack with an expectant crowd of supportive fans. Tom’s nervous and worries that he’ll fail again, but knows he can do this. He steps out onto the stage – his conductor, Reisinger (by Don McManus) is ready and waiting. They begin … Tom plays through his sheet music, page after page. But then, something weird starts to happen – he gets a message from someone in the audience, somehow they’re able to communicate instantly with him. He tries to ignore it and carry on with his important comeback performance … then he sees it, a note from his stalker – “Play one note wrong, and you die” …

This is refreshingly different and well done. The suspense builds and the entire piece centres around Selznick’s performance at this recital, without alarming the audience that there’s something wrong. It’s masterfully filmed and the direction is great. As a pianist, Elijah Wood is very convincing, however as a pianist trying to play flawlessly and also communicate with his stalker without making the audience aware, this goes beyond plausible for me. As the stalker, Godureauz, John Cusack does very well. In 2013 it won the International Film Music Critics Award for Best Original Score for an Action/Adventure/Thriller Film. Then in 2014, it won Spain’s Cinema Writers Circle Awards for Best Editing and Best Score and the Feroz Award for Best Original Score. It’s quite a good thriller.

Made in 2013. Directed by Eugenio Mira.


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