The Love Punch

12 Jan

Richard Jones (played by Pierce Brosnan) has worked long and hard to establish his company and to set up himself and his (now ex-) wife Kate (by Emma Thompson) for their retirement. Although they’re divorced, they are still in regular contact as they share parenting of their two almost grown-up children, Sophie (by Tuppence Middleton) and Tim (by Tim Morton). On the brink of retirement and staring a secure financial future right in the face, Richard is devastated when he realises his retirement fund has been lost in a shonky business transaction. He and Kate confront the perpetrator – young French upstart entrepreneur Garde (by Patrice Cols) but we won’t listen to their pleads. They vow to get the money back and embark on an ambitious plan. But they need help – so they enlist the support of their long-time friends and neighbours Jerry (by Timothy Spall) and Penelope (by Celia Imrie). All they have to do is get to France, sneak into one of the functions held by Garde and his fiancé Manon (by Louise Bourgoin), carry out the plan – then sneak out again. All without a single hitch. Easy ….

This movie sounds good on paper, but … sorry – it falls so far short it’s embarrassing. It may be described as a comedy, but really it’s laughable. The backdrop of Paris and then the south of France is lovely, but forced. The unlikely plot is just silly and the performances reek of “we’re still good – we’re not getting too old for this kind of role …” so the outcome makes them all look cringingly awful. The best performance by a long way is Timothy Spall – he is entertaining as neighbour Jerry who reveals he’s been more than just an ordinary guy in his younger years. However, perhaps it’s in the direction but Pierce Brosnan looks like he’s is trying to pretend he’s still “got it” as a James Bond-type character – but it doesn’t work. Emma Thompson is not good either and her liaison with a younger man as part of the story is just not necessary. The whole thing wraps up so tidily in the end it just becomes tedious. Overall, with this one I’d say, don’t bother.

Made in 2013. Directed by Joel Hopkins

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