Baggage Claim

15 Dec

Montana Moore (played by Paula Patton) has a perfect life – she’s beautiful, has a great career as a flight attendant, fantastic loyal friends and a lovely home. Everything’s set – except one thing … she wants to get married and settle down. Her mother, Catherine (by Jenifer Lewis) can do it – in fact, she’s done it five times already; and her sister Sheree (by Lauren London) is just about to walk down the aisle too. What’s wrong with Montana? Why is she still without the perfect man? She agonises … I can’t possibly attend my sister’s wedding without a beau on my arm!  She and her friends, Sam (by Adam Brody) and Gail (by Jill Scott) hatch a plan – all she has to do is seek out every eligible man she can find between now and Sheree’s wedding – she’s sure to find one that’s the perfect match! She begins her 30 day search across thousands of air miles, through a series of ex-boyfriends, new men, and “should never have considered him” men, to try to find the perfect one ….

Unless you are an obsessive “completist” and must watch every single film Taye Diggs or Paula Patton ever made, you can give this movie a swerve. Even the most romantic amongst us won’t find much to keep enthralled about sitting through this predictable and excruciatingly bad movie. Montana is totally self-centred. She treats her friends with utter disdain and never gives a thought to anyone but herself. For a supposedly smart woman, she gets herself into some pathetic, unfunny situations and she’s just so far from realistic that it’s tedious. Oh … and … she only attracts the most handsome and filthily rich of men too – so that’s another point of realism for the story. One positive is that Paula Patton looks lovely and best is the portrayal of her best friend Gail by Jill Scott – she’s larger than life and bursting out of every scene she’s in. I guess there is one well made point at the end, but overall – I’d say “don’t bother with this one – not even if you see it on television”. The movie is based on the novel “Baggage Claim” by David E. Talbert, but he should have left it in the book I think.

Made in 2013. Directed by David E. Talbert

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