Begin Again

14 Nov

Gretta (played by Keira Knightley) is a songwriter and performer. Her music is light and her style unique. Her friends love her music but somehow she hasn’t managed to break through to the big time. Her longtime boyfriend Dave (by Adam Levine), is a performer too and they collaborate on their music. They’ve come to New York for Dave – he’s got a major record deal. Things go wrong for the couple and Gretta must find her own place in the world. After an impromptu club performance with her musician friend Steve, she meets record producer Dan (by Mark Ruffalo) who’s looking for his next big thing after a long barren patch. They connect hesitantly and Gretta is totally guarded, but slowly things start to turn around for each of them. A partnership develops with the fruits of their collaboration bringing a range of great things for them both.

This movie is a lot of things – but good things. It’s sweet, quirky, delightful, sensitive, funny and watchable. Keira Knightley’s singing style is unique and I think the songs are original, but some are not great. However, the story and presentation are good. As scruffy but sensitive Dan, Mark Ruffalo is perfect. He gives emotion where it’s needed and his comedy is nicely timed. James Corden is lovely as the hapless but talented Steve and Adam Levine is a good choice to play Dave. Shannon Maree Walsh does well as Rachel too. The New York City setting is perfect for this. Some parts are a little tedious and it could be shorter, but it’s good overall.

Made in 2013. Directed by John Carney.

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