29 Jul

Phil Broker (played by Jason Statham) has lived life on the edge. As a drug enforcement agent, he’s worked undercover and broken some highly organised drug rings, but when a drug bust goes wrong he gets on the wrong side of a few seriously bad people. These days Phil is laying low and wants a quiet life for himself and his 9 year old daughter, Maddy (by Izabela Vidovic). They’ve moved around a bit and recently settled in a quiet bayou town. Maddy’s getting used to her school, thanks to her teacher Susan Hetch (by Rachelle Lefevre), but one day she defends herself against a bully, which brings attention on herself and her father. Being new in this small town, the locals are suspicious of Phil and two parents at the school, Jimmy and Cassie Klum (by Marcus Hester and Kate Bosworth), start to stir up trouble. Sherriff Keith Rodrigue (by Clancy Brown) keeps his distance, but doesn’t trust Phil or like the developing mood in town. Then Cassie’s brother and methamphetamine drug dealer, Morgan ‘Gator’ Bodine (by James Franco), starts to overstep his turf and Phil can’t ignore his DEA instincts – he investigates Gator’s set up, which puts him and Maddy at risk when he realises the extent of Gator’s activity in the town. He must break down the drug lab, keep his own identity secure somehow, but keep Maddy safe too …

This movie is okay, but doesn’t seem too sure about what it is. There are high action scenes (that possibly reflects the input of screenplay writer Sylvester Stallone), and there are calmer home-life family parts too – with even a smidgen of romance – but it never really settles on being a particular thing. In itself, the story is fairly average – a cop who gets in a fix, drops out of sight, tries to keep out of trouble but due to bad luck and timing the crooks uncover where he is – predictable overall. As Phil Broker, Jason Statham puts in a good performance, but it’s not overwhelming. Same can be said for James Franco and Winona Ryder – they do their work, but I wouldn’t rave over any of it. The performance with the most promise is Clancy Brown’s portrayal of Sherriff Rodrigue – at least this character has more than one layer, which makes him the most interesting to watch. Overall, the movie is okay – but I’d wait for it to come on television.

Made in 2013. Directed by Gary Fleder

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