The Call

05 Jun

Jordan Turner (played by Halle Berry) is a long term 911 operator and she’s good. She works in The Hive – the Los Angeles Police Department’s 911 call centre – it buzzes with activity and is the hub of all first response activity for the city. One day she takes a call from a distraught young girl and tries her best to assist, but the outcome of the call impacts badly on Jordan, so she takes a break from the front line call service. She becomes a teacher in the centre so she can share her long experience with others. She’s good at this too and she settles back into her work and daily life. One day, a girl called Casey Welson (by Abigail Breslin) calls the 911 Hive with a big problem and the young operator who takes the call is way out of her depth … Can Jordan regain her nerve and step in to help this girl in such a desperate situation?

This is a great movie – far more than a “cops and robbers” chase movie, it’s a gripping thriller. The villain, Michael, is flawlessly played by Michael Eklund – he is truly scary, unpredictable, irrational, insane and frightening. Abigail Breslin is marvellous as young and terrified Casey and as Jordan, Halle Berry is marvellous. Both women show their vulnerabilities but they’re also really strong and tough when they need to be. The emotions displayed by all three are raw and real – the viewer feels them right along with the character – the deep terror, total confusion, horror and utter disbelief at what is happening on screen that involves each character. The mood and tension is fantastic – it never lets the viewer go, right from the outset. Really well done. There is great cinematography, which adds to the drama. It’s great to see Michael Imperioli here and Roma Maffia. Both Michael Eklund and Halle Berry were nominated as best actors for their work here – well deserved. This is good, well done Brad Anderson.

Made in 2013. Directed by Brad Anderson.

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