A Lady in Paris (Une Estonienne à Paris)

09 Mar

Anne (played by Laine Magi) has been caring for her mother in Estonia. To do this, Anne has stopped work, so they are struggling to make ends meet. The winter is cold and things are bleak. Since her divorce, Anne’s her life hasn’t held much joy – even her children have found their own lives now. When her mother dies, her employer offers her a position in Paris, to care for an elderly lady. Anne is unsure, but takes a chance – just to get a change of scenery, more than anything. Once in Paris, she meets Frida (by Jeanne Moreau). She discovers that Frida is a fellow Estonian, but she isn’t interested in Anne’s care and is quite insulting towards her. So, this is what she left her home and family for? Frida is adamant that she doesn’t need help but Anne eventually finds a way to provide the care she has been employed to carry out, without damaging the pride of the once well to do woman.

This movie is quite harmless. It’s a sweet story of lonely people who are too proud to admit it – and I suppose it’s about about accepting that life doesn’t stay the sMe for ever. However, there’s not really enough in it for me. The only potential source of real drama or conflict is from Stephan, but he is impotent here also. The director provides several places where things could take a turn for the dramatic – and the viewer actually anticipates they will – but they don’t and the tension just fizzles. It has its moments, but there aren’t many.

Made in 2012. Directed by Ilmar Raag

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