02 Feb

In 1995, Princess Diana (played by Naomi Watts) is the most famous woman in the world. Once married to the heir of the British throne, Prince Charles, she is the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. She and Charles are now divorced and she is trying to continue her life, mostly apart from the British Royal Family and her sons. In apparent disregard for this situation, the world continues to be totally entranced and fascinated with her every move. She carries on with her caring ways and her humanitarian work. One day in London, while visiting a friend in a major hospital, she meets Pakistan-born heart surgeon Hasnat Khan (by Naveen Andrews). She is instantly attracted to him and a love affair develops between them. Hasnat is equally attracted to her, but things get difficult when he, a very private man, realises the full impact of the public life Diana leads. Their romance plays out over what becomes the final two years of Diana’s life …

This movie is based on a book by journalist Kate Snell “Diana: Her Last Love” which depicts Diana as a deeply sad and lonely woman, who lives for her sons and yearns for happiness in deep, meaningful, love. Unfortunately. I avoided this movie for some time because most of the media seriously derided Naomi Watts’ performance here – but I wouldn’t do that. I guess it probably hasn’t stretched her acting skills terribly much, but as an interesting biopic and a romance, it’s quite enjoyable. It’s a bit irritating that given her notoriety at the time (and perhaps since), lots of assumptions are made by the director about what’s known about Diana, her life, her issues and the incident that caused her death – and I think as a result there may not be enough information for some viewers to get a full appreciation of the story (perhaps this is how the book is written also). Additionally, of course, as a viewer I did wonder how much of the story is based on fact and how much is fabricated for effect, but given that we will never know and it’s not important anyway, as a movie I enjoyed it.

Made in 2013. Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel.

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