Reservoir Dogs

04 Dec

Victor Vega (played by Michael Madsen) has completed the ultimate act of loyalty – he took a four year rap for his last job when he stayed silent about “the family” after his arrest. When he gets out, family boss Joe Cabot (by Lawrence Tierney) rewards him with a well paying easy job. A team of six, led by Joe’s son Nice Guy Eddie (by Chris Penn) will pull off the ultimate heist, knock over a jewellery store for their diamonds. The team is slick, but they don’t know each other – and no names mentioned – Victor (to be known as Mr Blonde) will team up with Joe’s good men – Mr White (by Harvey Keitel), Mr Brown (by Quentin Tarantino), Mr Blue (by Edward Bunker), Mr Pink (by Steve Buscemi) and Mr Orange (by Tim Roth). The job goes down, but there’s a problem … as soon as they hit the store, the alarm goes off and the cops arrive within seconds … people are shot, there’s blood everywhere, the guys disperse in panic …. what’s going on? … did someone rat to the cops?

This movie is such fun – from the outset it’s clear that this is no ordinary team of crooks … their black suits (never rumpled) and their deep discussion over a coffee is about pop music  … what’s Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” song really about? … is so ridiculous – these tough guys, deeply involved in this debate – it’s really well done. This level of comedy, beautifully balanced with the drama and violence, is the hallmark of Quentin Tarantino’s style. This one is beautifully made and is the first of many to follow by him and others who admire his work – “Pulp Fiction” (of course), “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” by Guy Ritchie, “Get Shorty” by Barry Sonnenfeld etc. etc. … all excellent and all because Tarantino blazed the trail for them with this one. As his first work, Tarantino was richly rewarded both as a newcomer and as a masterful director. In 1992 alone, he received the Prix Tournage from the Avignon Film Festival, Best Director from the Catalonian International Film Festival, the Bronze Horse from the Stockholm Film Festival and the International Critics’ Award from the Toronto International Film Festival, then came the Yubari International Film Festival in 1993 and the Newcomer of the Year from the London Critics Circle Film Awards in 1994. For their work too, in 1993 Steve Buscemi won the Best Supporting Male award from the Independent Spirit Awards and Harvey Keitel won the Best Foreign Actor award from the Sant Jordi Awards. It’s fun and the performances are marvellous … enjoy …

Made in 1992. Directed by Quentin Tarantino

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