Last Dance

25 Nov

Ulah Lippmann (played by Julia Blake) lives in predominantly Jewish suburb of Melbourne in Australia. Since her husband died, she lives alone and pretty much to herself but her daughter, Sophie (by Danielle Carter) keeps an eye on her. Ulah is a strong woman, she’s seen a lot in her life – she’s a holocaust survivor and has maintained a very strong faith. She’s developed a steely resolve but an open heart. In these difficult political times, people hold strong views, often based on their faith. One day, a terrorist attack on the nearby Synagogue shakes the neighbourhood in more ways than one – a bomb kills many and the culprits are on the run. Ulah’s life is disrupted when one of the perpetrators, Sadiq (by Firass Dirani) takes refuge in her home and holds her hostage. Sadiq is a radical moslem and is horrified to find he is holed up in the home of a person of Jewish faith – his most hated enemy.

This drama has its good moments – there are some points where the story takes a surprising turn – and these are welcome. It’s a bit disappointing as I expected a bit more from this movie. On the whole it’s rather ho-hum and would be better suited as a television drama. It’s a seriously slow-burn too. The screenplay seems very cliché to me – on the parts of both the key players and their associates. The performances by Julia Blake and Firass Dirani are fine, but the story is a little implausible. No matter how broad-minded or gentle-hearted she might be, an elderly woman scared out of her wits by an unknown, injured, desperate man is not going to suddenly have a change of heart and care for him in her home, believing him to be a basically good person – sorry, not very likely. The police part is too twee … firstly too superficial and then too extreme … it just doesn’t quite hold together somehow.  Thankfuly, it’s not too long and drawn out – a mere 90 minutes, if that.

Made in 2012. Directed by David Pulbrook

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