Broken City

19 Nov

Billy Taggart (played by Mark Wahlberg) loves being a cop, especially a cop in New York City – but he’s a bit hot-headed. After the highly publicized shooting of a rapist threatens to damage his career, the Mayor of New York, Nicholas Hostetler (by Russell Crowe) and Chief of Police, Carl Fairbanks (by Jeffrey Wright) step in and smooth things over for him. He’s publicly exonerated, but still disgraced in police circles, so he must quietly step out of the force. He sets up business as a private investigator. He’s run his business for seven years, he’s had a few jobs and things are bubbling along nicely, even if his clients hardly ever pay their bills. His girlfriend’s movie career is starting to take off and things are looking pretty rosy… then the Mayor comes calling – he wants to call in his favour. He’s on the eve of an election and suspects his wife Cathleen (by Catherine Zeta-Jones) of an affair. He can’t afford any trouble on the home front, so he wants Billy to investigate. Soon Billy realizes he’s uncovered much more than an illicit affair ….

This is a tried and true political drama … it promises a lot, but it’s a little bit “ho hum” really. There’s not quite enough here. The cast is very strong and the performances of Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg are good, but both a little predictable and the story just rolls along really. Catherine Zeta-Jones is a bit lost in this too – she looks great and her performance is acceptable, but this isn’t her best work by a long way. For me, the best performance is from Alona Tal who plays Billy’s assistant, Katy Bradshaw. She does very well and provides a good edge to Billy’s fairly “run of the mill” role. Natalie Martinez saves things a little too as Billy’s feisty girlfriend, Natalie Barrow. Also, it’s good to see Justin Chambers here, who I’m most familiar with as Dr Alex Karev in the television drama “Grey’s Anatomy”.  This movie is probably one you’d leave for television.

Made in 2013. Directed by Allen Hughes

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