17 Oct

James Hunt (played by Chris Hemsworth) is a young, brash motor racing driver. He’s from a wealthy family and lives the high life – money, girls, parties and fame. His polar opposite and his biggest rival is fellow motor racing driver, Niki Lauda (by Daniel Brühl). The two men have each eschewed their traditional family business, much to the horror of their fathers, to pursue a career in motor racing. They both start out in the lowly ranks of Formula 3 and work their way up to the elite level – Formula One. Their competitiveness brings a fascinating, exciting edge to F1 racing and the crowds love to watch them take huge risks to fight out each race. Their utter determination and dogged focus on “winning at any cost” means their private lives suffer the consequences of such a “devil may care” life – one never thinks ahead and consistently lives on-the-edge, while the other is a cool, calculating, disciplined person who never really developed any relationships. These men fight out the 1976 F1 world championship to its high-energy, life-changing conclusion …

This is a great movie. The true story of these two racing drivers, I was aware of the personalities involved and the basic facts, but not aware of the background story of their competitiveness. It’s fascinating. If you are mildly interested in Formula 1 racing you’ll probably enjoy this. The camerawork is excellent – the viewer is often right inside the head of the driver, definitely well aware of his emotions and the issues involved. It’s just as much about the personalities and determination of the two men as it is about the racing itself. Both Hemsworth and Brühl give strong, stunning and remarkably authentic portrayals of their characters, particularly Niki Lauda – who (during Daniel’s research for the role) provided valuable insight to Brühl on his thoughts, attitudes and general way of thinking. I think some real life footage has been worked into the production also. Ron Howard has done a nice job here. There was a risk that this may turn into a soap opera of the private lives of these high living men, but that doesn’t happen. It remains non-judgemental and presents the issues very well. The ending is very nicely and respectfully done too – I enjoyed it.

Made in 2013. Directed by Ron Howard.

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