Paris – Manhattan

07 Oct

Alice Ovitz (played by Alice Taglioni) lives in Paris. She has been obsessed by Woody Allen since she saw him in a movie about twenty years ago. She always has her larger than life-size poster of him on the wall of her room and she discusses ways of the world with him, reciting his idealisms and witticisms to herself like a life mantra. She follows her father (by Michel Aumont) into the family business and takes up the same profession – as a pharmacist. Now Alice and her father run the business together. Alice is desperate to find her one true love and watches wistfully as her sister Hélène (by Marine Delterme) meets and marries Pierre (by Louis-Do de Lencquesaing) then sets up a happy home. Alice seems destined never to meet the right man, despite her father’s endless attempts at match-making. She offers out her own style of treatment to her community through copies of Woody Allen movies – which she prescribes to meet exactly the need felt by each customer. One day, the pharmacy has an incident and the Ovitz family installs an alarm system. The security engineer, Victor (by Patrick Bruel) is vaguely intrigued by Alice and circumstances lead to them meeting a few more times, but Alice can’t see past Woody Allen. Her parents are exasperated at her and Alice discovers something about her mother, Nicole, (by Marie-Christine Adam) that makes her question her own life ideals. Then Victor gets the opportunity of a lifetime – Woody Allen is here, in Paris – Victor has the chance to meet him and chat for a while. Alice rushes to meet with her one life-long dream – he has a special piece of advice for her, not just something out of one of his movies – and she will probably only listen to him.

This is a sweet movie – a fabulously tongue-in-cheek tribute and a total ego-trip for Woody Allen. It’s a beautiful, positive, short but enjoyable piece. The colour of Paris is lovely and we soak up the lifestyle as we get to know the Ovitz family and their endearing traits. All the characters are so typical – and quirky, which makes it enjoyable. We start to hope that Alice will find her true love – and the casting of Alice Taglioni is lovely for this role. Michel Aumont is fabulous, as always – he is such a stalwart of comedies like this one. Both supporting women, Marine Delterme and Marie-Christine Adam are very good too. The director, Sophie Lellouche (you would be forgiven for thinking Woody Allen himself had made this movie) captures that off-hand French c’est la vie approach to life so very well. Allen’s appearance in the movie does come as a surprise, but it’s really well done – not overdone and quite appropriate for the story. The whole thing is … how shall I say … just French!  It’s lovely … just enjoy it.

Made in 2012. Directed by Sophie Lellouche

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