Cassandra’s Dream

29 May

Ian (played by Ewan McGregor) is an ambitious cockney lad-about-town with a yearn for big business and big profits, but he only has a small bank balance. His best mate is his brother Terry (by Colin Farrell). Terry’s the same … loves money, works hard, but is a really bad gambler. They are close in age and have virtually spent their entire lives as best friends. One day, after a happy reminiscence of their boyhood days, they decide to pool their money and buy a boat. Terry’s just had a huge win at the track, so they name her “Cassandra’s Dream” after the racehorse. Unfortunately, both boys get a taste for the high life and things get a bit hard when they must find more cash to fund their lavish ways and continue to please their girlfriends Angela (by Hayley Atwell) and Kate (by Sally Hawkins). Then out of the blue their rich Uncle Howard (by Tom Wilkinson) asks for their help on a job with his business colleague Martin Burns (by Philip Davis), which promises a huge payday for the boys … easy money! … problem solved! So the boys agree to do the job, but soon things start to take a turn for the worse ….

This is a solid but unremarkable movie. You could forget that it’s a Woody Allen piece as it doesn’t seem to have the quirky hallmarks or comedy edge that most of his do. It’s more of a television style movie really, but it’s quite easy to watch. The comedy is there, but this as more moral fibre to it – the dynamics of family loyalties, ambition and love. It’s fine, but I’d suggest you wait for it on television.

Made in 2007. Directed by Woody Allen.

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One response to “Cassandra’s Dream

  1. dirkmalcolm

    June 2, 2013 at 8:17 am

    It is interesting to read your review as I thought the film was totally unconvincing. I don’t know whether the acting is off beam or the whether script is off-par, but I thought that it was a really poor addition to the Woody Allen CV. There is little or no chemistry between the two leads and Tom Wilkinson seems to be struggling to remember his lines.

    You are right to say that it is unremarkable. The best I could say its that it is thankfully short.


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