Run Lola Run

28 May
Lola (played by Franka Potente) is in a hurry. Her boyfriend Manni (by Moritz Bleibtreu) calls her after a drug run goes terribly wrong – he needs to find 100,000 marks in 20 minutes or he’ll be killed. Oh no!  Lola slams down the phone and runs out of the house to get to him. Lola runs and runs, all the way to Manni – past a range of people, each involved on their own situations – but each also with an impact on Lola’s predicament – and ultimately on Manni’s life. She must get that money … she must get it to Manni – and she must beat the clock!  Lola does finally reach Manni, but there has been several interruptions along the way – will she get there in time, or will it be too late to save him ….. ?  
Any viewer who is fixated on detail and continuity in movies will be entertained by this piece. Tom Tykwer succeeds in presenting the audience with three alternative scenarios of Lola`s efforts to get the money and get to Manni – each with a significantly different conclusion. Throughout this, the audience sees the impact a tiny change in circumstance or timing can have on the entire outcome. Lola is running all the time and the drama plays out at that speed, but there are intense scenes along the way – it is done very well.  A short movie (only around 75 minutes), it will keep you engaged until the final scenes – just so that you find out what happens in the end!  Franka Potente is good as the break-neck heroine and she won seveal international awards for her performance as Lola.  It’s well made, with great suspense, entertaining comedy in places and just good – in the end we are all (including Lola) left wondering “which bits were real?”. 
Made in 1998. Directed by Tom Tykwer
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