14 May

Lenny (played by Nicholas Greaves) has a very happy life. He loves his football team – Arsenal – loves his best friend, Rabbit, and loves having fun with his Mum and Dad (by Michelle Williams and Ed Hughes). Lenny’s just four years old and the family live a basic existence in an ex-Council flat in a London tower block. One night Lenny’s dad, a policeman, goes out to work – he’s part of Scotland Yard’s Anti-Terrorist Bomb Disposal squad. As Lenny’s already in bed and sleeping, his Mum goes to the pub for a drink. She meets smart-mouthed young journalist, Jasper Black (by Ewan McGregor) and they get chatting. She ends up going home with him and against her better judgement, she sleeps with him. He’s well off and lives in a very tidy, Georgian terrace right opposite her block of flats. She is racked with guilt, but inexplicably attracted to him. They bump into each other a few times in the neighbourhood and then on May Day Lenny and his dad go to see Arsenal play at home in North London, so they get it together once again. But this time it’s different … a terrorist attack strikes the Arsenal football ground during the game, resulting in hundreds of casualties. Lenny and his dad are never seen again and his mum must try to piece her devastated life back together ….

This is a interesting movie – it puts the viewer right in the midst of this family and their daily challenges, just to live. Their life is tough, they struggle to make ends meet and the only joy in their life comes from their son Lenny. Michelle Williams is excellent as the grief stricken young Mum (we never find out her name) and she really makes you believe she is experiencing the whole range of emotions that come with grief. It’s excellent. Ewan McGregor plays that same real character he does so well – here he is a scruffy, smart, rich guy with a super cool, fast car – so that would have been fun. There are twists and turns, emotional ups and downs and some challenging moral issues to think about as you watch. It’s good. Sharon Maguire has done well – the footage surrounding the terrorist attack would have been difficult, given the recent real life events in London at the time the movie was made. This is a dramatisation of the novel of the same name by Chris Cleave.

Made in 2008. Directed by Sharon Maguire

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