New Year’s Eve

06 May

Across New York City, people are getting prepared for tonight … it’s New Years Eve. Some people have high expectations and big plans, others want to spend the evening in their own individual way. Amongst all these people, there is one common thread – they all seek something … all near Times Square, where the huge New Year’s Ball will fall on the stoke of midnight, to usher in the New Year with all the hopes and expectations that come with it. We watch the fortunes of pregnant women expecting their first child, people looking for love, others trying to forget love, some trying to mend a broken heart and some spending the last precious hours of the year celebrating their lives.

This is a lightweight movie that is fine to watch if you need to pass the time. The comedy is mostly witty and a big part of the entertainment comes from the ensemble cast – not in their performances, which are all just utilitarian, but in the delight you get when yet another big star pops up in one of the scenarios. That is quite fun … there are dozens of stars in this. It’s nothing special, but not difficult to watch. Sofia Vergara is my favourite here, closely followed by Hilary Swank. All in all, yes it’s okay.

Made in 2011. Directed by Garry Marshall

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