Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

03 May

Oskar Schell (played by Thomas Horn) has a very happy life in New York City. His best friend is his dad Thomas (by Tom Hanks) and they spend lots of time together on adventures and unravelling intriguing “play” mysteries, which Oskar loves to do. Thomas gives boundless time and attention to his special son, to build his confidence so he develops into smart and well-rounded person. Oskar’s mum, Linda (by Sandra Bullock) watches on with pride and adoration as her two favourite men share strong and deep love – her family is happy and complete. One day, Oskar’s class ends very early after a huge catastrophe in New York City. It is September 11th 2001, a terrorist attack stops the city and Oskar’s dad never comes home … Oskar’s world disintegrates. He and Linda face life without Thomas and do their best to keep going without him. By chance, Oskar finds a key amongst his father’s things and he is convinced it holds the one thing he needs most – a link to his father. He starts a quest to unravel this most important mystery of all ….

This is a good movie. Thomas Horn is marvellous as the traumatised Oskar and Tom Hanks is lovely in his portrayal of Thomas, the loving husband and father. I feel so deeply for Oskar – the scenes in the movie bring home the utter devastation and trauma suffered by people on that day and since. Max von Sydow’s character is great, as most of the supporting roles are. I liked Viola Davis’ character as Abby Black and John Goodman as Stan, the doorman, who is lovely. Some of the content is confronting and very difficult, but the story’s actually worthwhile. Oskar is an irritating and selfish child, but you do forgive him for this, given his personality traits and his circumstances. An adaptation from a novel by Jonathan Safran Foer, in 2012 the movie was nominated for an Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Motion Picture of the Year and Max von Sydow’s work was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role. It’s a good movie with a nice positive ending

Made in 2011. Directed by Stephen Daldry

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