Like Crazy

17 Dec

Anna (played by Felicity Jones) is British and completing her studies in Los Angeles. One day she takes the plunge and approaches Jacob (by Antonio Yelchin) who she as been attracted to for ages. Their deep attraction is instant and they virtually spend every second of the next few months together. Presently, Anna’s final semester of study draws to a end and she must face the heartbreak of separation when she returns to England, leaving Jacob behind to run his furniture design business in LA. They both find this thought almost unbearable and on the day Anna is due to leave LA she makes the sudden decision to risk any problems with her visa and stay longer in the US to enjoy the coming summer with Jacob. Anna is unaware that a problem may arise until she tries to return to LA after a visit back to England – the lovers are left on either side of a major bureaucratic divide. Anna and Jacob must endure immigration battles and a drawn-out romance at a distance so they can be together, but can their love withstand the pressure?

This movie starts off as a run of the mill romantic comedy, but it doesn’t stay that way. It is a microcosm of ordinary lives – an authentic depiction and effective drama showing a warts and all relationship between two people with deep feelings, facing significant and difficult choices. Anna and Jacob are real, the performances by both Felicity Jones and Antonio Yelchin are very good – they are great new talents. They bring the bitter-sweetness of romance to us and show the anguish of a relationship with natural ease. Anna’s lovely forward-thinking parents are beautifully played by Alex Kingston and Oliver Muirhead and Jennifer Lawrence plays another key role very well. This movie portrays a credible scenario and the ending is quite realistic too – a good (but not “feel good”) movie.

Made in 2011. Directed by Drake Doremus

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