Bridget Jones’ Diary

18 Oct

It’s another cold, snowy Christmas in England and Bridget Jones (played by Renee Zellweger) is back home from London for the holidays to see her parents and endure yet another excruciating family Christmas. This year, Bridget’s mum (by Gemma Jones) decides she should match-make the “30-something, but still single” Bridget with her friend’s son, Mark Darcy (by Colin Firth). Both mums love the idea, but at their introduction Mark is just embarrassed and bored and can’t wait to get away. Such is life for our still-single, girl about town, Bridget – an aspiring journalist, working at a London publishers who yearns for a far more exciting social life. She is convinced that “Mr Right is just around the corner waiting for me and this would all be so easily achieved, if only I lost 20 pounds immediately and got the personality of a super-woman ….” – yes – it’s that easy, right? For her New Year’s Resolution, Bridget decides to get things under control once and for all – she starts a diet and starts her diary. She enters her frank daily thoughts into the sympathetic pages and bares her roller-coaster of emotions. Her social life is active, she sees her group of quirky friends Jude, Tom and Shazza (by Shirley Henderson, James Callis and Sally Phillips) regularly and all rolls along – then it suddenly takes a turn for the brighter when her boss, Daniel Cleaver (by Hugh Grant) starts to pay her a lot more attention … she blossoms in this new way of living and it all seems to be going so well – until she runs into the disagreeable Mark Darcy once again, who reminds her of her shortcomings and threatens to foil her happiness …

This is such a lovely movie – the dramatisation of the very popular book by Helen Fielding. Bridget is just like so many of us – insecure, ambitious but unsure, fed up but with marvellous dreams – and just looking for happiness. The girl we meet is so endearingly real – Renee Zellweger famously gained weight to play this role (and spent time to practice a very well performed British accent). For her trouble, she was nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award for this performance. It is refreshing to see Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver – here he isn’t the bumbling, awkward and inarticulate fellow we have seen elsewhere. Daniel Cleaver is a womanising cad, self-assured, arrogant and far too cocky for his own good. Fans of Colin Firth will enjoy his performance as Mark Darcy – the alignment between this character Darcy and the one he played so well as Mr Darcy in the 1995 award winning television version of “Pride and Prejudice” doesn’t go unnoticed. There is a very attractive and heart-warming thread of intensity to his performance as his feelings towards Bridget are demonstrated through facial expressions and gestures – it will be marvellous for romantics seeing this movie. There is slapstick comedy throughout – sometimes a little overdone for my taste, but overall its a very entertaining and endearing movie and it’s one of my all time favourites

Made in 2001. Directed by Sharon Maguire

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