The Brave One

04 Oct

Erica Bain (played by Jodie Foster) is a successful radio journalist in New York City. She is a social commentator and her listeners enjoy her dulcet tones, describing her experiences living in their city. She has a very happy and settled life with her doctor partner David (by Naveen Andrews) and they plan to marry soon. One evening after work, while out walking with their dog in the neighbourhood park they are accosted by a gang of youths. The beating is brutal and the gang absconds with their valuables and their dog. Erica is so badly injured that she doesn’t regain consciousness for several days. Upon awakening, she is heartbroken to learn that David has died and his family has already had his funeral. Inconsolate and in her deep despair she tries to piece her life back together. She endures the agony of the police investigation, conducted by Detectives Mercer (by Terrence Howard) and Vitale (by Nicky Katt) and her boss, Carol (by Mary Steenburgen), concerned for her welfare, suggests she takes time off work to recover physically and emotionally. Erica’s happy and settled life has deserted her and she’s not the person she once was. She becomes a terrified, empty and soul-less insomniac. She wanders the streets but feels alien in this now frightening landscape, where she observes crime after crime.  She decides to take some action on behalf of all the innocent victims of crime in her city ….  

This movie gets better as it goes along. At first it presents as a run-of-the-mill drama about a woman recovering from serious trauma. However, there is something detached about the way Jodie Foster performs as Erica.  She is not quite integrated with the role somehow. I think the storyline is worthwhile and there are some excellent messages here … it’s not a vigilante movie – you won’t see traces of De Niro’s Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver) or Michael Caine’s Harry Brown here, because Erica’s modus operandi is different – although her motivation is similar, to me she has a different objective. Her interraction with Detective Mercer is well done and the ending is very good – not what I was expecting.  Overall, as a movie it’s different – stay with it – once you see the end you will have food for thought.

Made in 2007.  Directed by Neil Jordan

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