Hanover Street

07 Sep

Living in London during the Second World War means that people have a short-term view about most things – life becomes precious, relationships are valuable and love is to be cherished wherever it is found. Lieutenant David Halloran (played by Harrison Ford) is an American pilot stationed at an RAF base in England. He’s regularly running dangerous sorties with his squadron across the English Channel to France. Each sortie means one step closer to getting home, but also a much higher chance you may not make it back.  One day, on a visit into London, Halloran meets a beautiful young British nurse when they are both caught in an air raid. She is mysterious and not like most other women he’s met in England. Their’s is an instant attraction and he wants to see her again, but she is very reluctant, which mystifies him further.  This is the story of their love, it’s tentative beginning, its growth in complexity as other people get involved and its ultimate, unexpected but hear-warming conclusion – all played out in the chaos of “the blitz” and the humanity everyone tries to keep hold of during these times …

If you feel like a love story with some added (but almost laughable) war-time drama thrown in for good measure (and a good story), then this is the movie for you.  As David Halloran, Harrison Ford displays his capabilities which would become his infamous and much-loved flawed character … Indiana Jones – the movies in this series began with “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in 1981. In this movie he is young, but still his charm is there.  As nurse Margaret, Lesley-Anne Down is beautiful and styled exquisitely in the wartime fashions. The performances in the support roles are marvellous, Christopher Plummer plays Margaret’s husband, Paul, to a tee – he is charming, unaffected and totally in love with his wife. Their daughter, Sarah, is played by a young and confident Patsy Kensit – she earned an award nomination for her work in this role. You will probably also develop a huge affection for Halloran’s squad-mate, Lieutenant Cimino, performed beautifully by Richard Masur.  

It’s a lovely, wartime romance and a nice movie – the “war” drama is only there for interest and the ending may surprise you.  It’s good entertainment.

Made in 1979.  Directed by Peter Hyams

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