Lonely Hearts

02 Sep

In the late 1940’s, Ray Fernandez (played by Jared Leto) is a handsome guy in a well-cut suit with a penchant for lonely, rich women. He’s happily moving from one woman to the next, earning his living by preying on their vulnerabilities and charming them out of their money. One day he meets Martha Beck (by Salma Hayek), a beautiful young woman who is smart, sexy, fascinating and equally as conniving as him. Together they work up a scheme where they con their way across the country, posing as brother and sister, using all their charms to cheat the women they meet out of all they can get. One day their scam unexpectedly turns ugly and this leads the pair into a violent and unpredictable lifestyle – they soon become notorious as America’s “Lonely Hearts Killers”. Detective Elmer “Buster” Robinson (by John Travolta) leads the police investigation into these crimes and works with his partner Detective Charles Hildebrandt (by James Gandolfini) to track the pair through their trail of cons. As Ray and Martha’s greed builds and their fascination with violence grows, their captors close in on them …

This is a true story and it is depicted well here. Travolta and Gandolfini make good cops (both playing real-life characters) – their on screen chemistry works and their well balanced partnership is strong. As Ray, Jared Leto puts in a great performance, he has all the looks, charm, weaknesses and ego that you would expect this type of man to have. By far the best performance is from Salma Hayek. Her portrayal of the passionate, jealous, unfeeling and obsessive Martha is marvellous. She is stunningly beautiful and her costume styling is divine. The timing of the drama throughout and the build-up of tension is well done. A warning … there are several graphically violent acts in this movie – some without warning. Overall, its a well made, good story – I enjoyed it.

Made in 2006. Directed by Todd Robinson.

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