Remember Me

27 Jul

Tyler Hawkins (played by Robert Pattinson) is a brooding but intelligent guy. He lives in New Jersey, not far from his family, but they all struggle emotionally after a family tragedy five years ago. Tyler totally dotes on his younger sister, Caroline (by Ruby Jerins), she’s smart too and precocious, she’s also a highly talented young artist. She lives with their mother Lena (by Diane Hirsch), who has married again. Tyler and Caroline’s father, Charles (by Pierce Brosnan) is a high-flying and successful businessman in New York City, but since the tragedy he has become distant and treats his children as abstract objects. Tyler hates his father for the way he treats them, so he gives Caroline so much more attention and tries to create a loving environment for her all the time. On the other side of town, Neil (by Chris Cooper) is a hard-nosed, street-wise NY cop who is struggling to live with his own deep loss. He’s raised his daughter, Ally (Emilie de Ravin) now a young woman, on his own since she was eleven. These days, Chris worries about Ally finding her way in the world and he has a deep mistrust for pretty much everyone. One night, Tyler and his best friend Aiden (by Tate Ellington) get into an altercation in the city and Cooper is the attending officer. After this, circumstances lead Tyler and Ally together and they develop a relationship, but it’s as difficult as it is passionate, due to each of them trying to deal with the losses in their past.  This is a story of developing new love, finding trust again and getting something positive from loss.

This is one of those movies where nobody is very happy. In one way or another, life is difficult for all these characters and they all search for solace through their range of emotions. However, the good thing about it is that it delivers many messages and the viewer can take from it what they will – I think people who watch this will develop a range of key memories and messages for themselves – which is really good.  I like it a lot for this reason.  Although I knew who he was, I had not seen any of Robert Pattinson’s work until I watched this movie. In this, he is alright, but he doesn’t shine out from the screen. Pierce Brosnan is strong, but doesn’t feature hugely. Emilie de Ravin puts in a very good performance, but I think the best is by the very young Ruby Jerins, as Caroline. In this role she is dreadfully bullied at school, a marvellous artist, a cheeky but adoring sister and a lost and confused daughter – she does these all very well indeed. I found Tate Ellington’s character tedious and wondered by Tyler stayed friends with Aiden, but I guess that’s just how young men are.  The story has a tragedy near the end which (once you piece all the parts together) may come as a surprise but to me, it also ends on a postive note overall. 

As I said,I like it because it allows viewers to see all the interlinkages and all the emotions each character faces, then decide for themselves what the important themes and messages are.

Made in 2010.  Directed by Allen Coulter

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