88 Minutes

22 Jul

Dr. Jack Gramm (played by Al Pacino) is an FBI forensic psychiatrist and a college professor. He studies the world’s most notorious serial killers to profile and assess their guilt for the FBI. One such case, ten years ago, involved suspect Jon Forster, who allegedly attacked twin sisters Jo and Janie Cates (by Tammy Hui), which resulted in Jo’s murder. Forster is found guilty of these crimes and is still on death row, with his execution due within days. Suddenly, a copycat killer is active in Seattle, which involves Jack in further investigations – and although Jack is adamant that Forster was the right man the first time around, the case against him (particularly Jack’s testimony) is questioned, in an attempt to achieve a stay of execution for Forster. Jack then receives a death threat claiming he has only 88 minutes to live, so he must use all his knowledge, experience and skills to evade the increasing risks to this safety and to solve the mystery of the copycat killer. But who can he trust? – his best ally has always been his assistant Shelley Barnes (by Amy Brenneman) and then there is his teacher’s assistant Kim Cummings (by Alicia Witt), but these days who’s on his side any more?  …. and 88 minutes is not long to solve this mystery and keep alive ….

This movie is okay. Al Pacino is good (as he always is), but his performance here is not as intense as I have seen him in other things. It’s all a bit pedestrian really – it tries to be a thriller and a mystery, but doesn’t quite achieve it somehow. Amy Brenneman is a strong support and credible as his technical support but the rest is just a little bit lacking.  It’s alright if you have nothing better to do and you need to while away a couple of hours.

Made in 2007.  Directed by Jon Avnet

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