Extraordinary Measures

24 Jun

In Portland, John Crowley (played by Brendan Fraser) is an advertising executive. He and his wife Aileen (by Keri Russell) are raising three children. Their two youngest, Megan (by Meredith Droeger) and Patrick (by Diego Velazquez) are afflicted by Pompe disease, a genetic disorder with a life expectancy of around nine years. Megan has just had her 8th birthday and a desperate John exhaustively searches for a cure for his children’s disease. He contacts Dr Robert Stonehill (by Harrison Ford) a researcher in Nebraska who has an innovative theory for a new mode of treatment. He’s totally focussed on his work – to the detriment of all else in his life. He’s also eccentric and difficult, but he needs funding for his work so he and John join forces to work on getting a cure developed. They need to navigate business politics to work with venture capitalists and rival teams of researchers but time is running short. Stonehill’s thorny style alienates most of their supporters and threatens to dissolve all John’s hope. They race against time to help the children who suffer from this nasty disease.

This is a nice movie. Harrison Ford is a natural as the abrasive and brilliantly eccentric Stonehill who has no care for anything but his work. Brendan Fraser is believable in this role and Keri Russell supports him well. Very well done to Meredith Droeger who is excellent as Megan. A good family movie.

Made in 2010. Directed by Tom Vaughan

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