17 Jun

Terri (played by Jacob Wysocki) is a sensitive and curious teenager, abandoned by both parents and living with his Uncle James (by Creed Bratton) who has advanced dementia. Terri is his uncle’s only carer – he is also mercilessly teased by his high school classmates because he is overweight and wears his pyjamas instead of regular clothes. He is disinterested in school and is always late to class, then when he arrives in class he’s distracted by cruel taunts or his own daydreams. Sent to his Assistant Principal, Mr Fitzgerald (by John C Reilly) for discipline, Terri finds that Mr F is the only person who addresses him as a person and treats him with some dignity and respect. They slowly develop a mentoring connection and Terri builds trust in him. He gradually finds the confidence to explore potential friendships with other school “outcasts” Chad (by Bridger Zadina) and Heather (by Olivia Crocicchia). As time progresses, Terri realises that life has something to give and he learns of the value of true friendship.

This is a very nice drama. Terri is beautifully portrayed by Jacob Wysocki and Mr Fitzgerald is very strongly performed by John C. Reilly.  These are real people, totally authentic and believable. The school environment is accurate, endless taunts from cruel bullies and embarrassing situations as teens grow up. It is a watchable and poignant drama, with some entertaining comedy but strong messages also.

Made in 2011. Directed by Azazel Jacobs

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