An Affair to Remember

29 May

Terry McKay (played by Deborah Kerr) is a beautiful, well spoken and elegant New York singer. She is engaged to successful businessman Kenneth Bradley (by Richard Denning) and she takes a pre-wedding cruise to Europe. On board she meets handsome European playboy Nicky Ferrante (by Cary Grant), himself on his way to USA to meet his fiancé, an heiress to one of America’s largest fortunes. Despite each of their commitments, while on the cruise they enjoy a romance and develop strong feelings for each other. At cruise end when they must part, both are convinced they are meant to be together but they are not sure what to do, so they agree to reunite in six months’ time at the top of the Empire State Building in New York City. If they both show up on that day, this will confirm their true feelings for each other. Six months later, Nicky waits for her as arranged, but on her way to meet him Terry is involved in a car accident so she can’t get there. Bitterly disappointed, Nicky reluctantly accepts the fact that Terry doesn’t love him and must have decided to marry Kenneth as planned. Broken-hearted Nicky faces his empty future without her. Will he discover what has really happened to Terry? Does Terry still have feelings for him?  Will fate somehow find a way to get them together as they should be?

This movie is the most marvellous of romances and probably the most well known romance movie to ever come out of Hollywood – it is the seminal (and perhaps original) chick flick. You may recognise it as it is often referred to in other more recent chick flicks, “Sleepless in Seattle” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan being the most obvious example. These two people, Terry and Nicky, that destiny has thrown together and then cruelly torn apart, are fated to spend their lives apart and never to know whether the other planned to wait at the Empire State Building for them – never to know whether their true feelings would have been returned.  Aaaahhh … it is just a total heart-wrencher and tear-jerker! Cary Grant, as suave and charming as he always is, smoothly portrays Nick Ferrante as if he was born to be him and Deborah Kerr is as sophisticated and sassy as ever. 

This is one of my all time favourite movies – it’s simply marvellous.  Enjoy!

Made in 1957.  Directed by Leo McCarey

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