Confessions of a Shopaholic

24 May

Rebecca Bloomwood (played by Isla Fisher) is living in New York. She is just establishing herself in her career as a journalist but she’s got three problems … a little shopping addiction, a growing debt problem and a huge compulsion to tell lies. Shopping and fashion are the passions of her life, but her debt is crippling and she tells lies to keep herself at arms length from reality. Rebecca has suddenly lost her source of income and must find another job – desperate times! Her best friend Suze (by Krysten Ritter) and her parents (by Joan Cusak and John Goodman) do their best to support her. She wins an interview for her dream job at renowned fashion magazine “Alette”, but things don’t quite go according to plan and she ends up trying to report on current issues for steady and conservative Luke Brandon (by Hugh Dancy) at “Successful Saving”, a finance publication – not exactly the best match for her skills and interests, but she needs a job so she gives it a go anyway. She has some success with her column and as a result she meets and is entranced by Alette Naylor (by Kristin Scott Thomas), the Editor of “Alette“. This fuels her dreams of a life punctuated by designer labels, luxury brands and style, style, style! Meanwhile, debt collector Derek Smeath (by Robert Stanton) is closing in on her so her lies escalate. She tries to build her career, overcome her shopping obsession and stop telling lies, but this becomes more and more difficult as her life and lies threaten to catch up with her.

This romantic comedy is one where you are not sure if the girl is going to be happy (and get the guy) in the end or not. I have one word for this movie … what-evah! Perhaps I should have been warned by the title, but the cast intrigued me enough to give it a go. Alas, it is obviously not aimed at me – it is predictable, tedious and the slapstick comedy leaves me cold. I am sure Isla Fisher could find a much better role than this to play and throughout the movie all I kept thinking about her was “I wish she would wash her hair!”. The supporting characters are all fine – Julie Hagerty is great as Luke’s assistant, John Goodman is endearing as Rebecca’s father and the two key women, Kristin Scott Thomas and Joan Cusak are okay but not particularly significant. One curious role is that of Ms Korsch, the facilitator of the Shopaholics’ Support Group, played by Wendy Malick in bizarre hair and make-up, presumably designed to make her look cold and clinical. Even Hugh Dancy manages to make Luke seem quite insipid. As a pastime, it’s alright, but only if you’ve got nothing better to do.

Made in 2009. Directed by P. J. Hogan

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