Friends with Benefits

14 May

Dylan (played by Justin Timberlake) is a media art director in Los Angeles who has just come out of a relationship and has sworn off any more, preferring the “no strings” approach to his social life. Jamie (by Mila Kunis) is an Executive recruitment agent in New York – she’s also just ended a relationship that’s left her feeling the same – no more relationships for her, they’re just too complicated and hard work. Dylan is approached by Jamie’s recruitment agency for an Art Director’s role at GQ magazine in New York. He’s never been to NYC, so he visits to explore the opportunity. Jamie persuades him to take the job and he leaves his father (by Richard Jenkins) and sister (by Jenna Elfman) behind and moves to NYC. With no friends or any family in NYC, Dylan is at a bit of a loose end at first, so Jamie invites him out socially just until he gets his feet on the ground.  They hit it off and form a great friendship, then one day, they wonder what sex together would be like, but “just sex”, not a relationship – just like playing tennis.  So their  “friends with benefits” relationship starts. This works well and they happily continue, they even date other people for a while and Jamie’s mother (by Patricia Clarkson) is totally okay with it. Then when Dylan invites Jamie to spend fourth of July weekend with his family in LA, things take a different turn … do they really want to keep up the ‘friends with benefits”? or will they be much happier with either “all or nothing”?

As romantic comedies go, this is a good one. It is entertaining and there is a nice chemistry between Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. They both perform their roles well – with a good banter and balance between them. The supporting cast of Jenna Elfman, Richard Jenkins and Patricia Clarkson is very strong – but it needs to be to provide a solid base for the movie as the two main characters could not sustain this movie on their own. I think Justin Timberlake has good potential as an actor and Mila Kunis is already clearly a talent on the rise (after her performance in “Black Swan” also). Overall, it’s a better than average rom-com.

Made in 2011. Directed by Will Gluck

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