13 May

Bernard (played by Damian De Montemas) is a music teacher who lives alone in a rural retreat, some distance from the city. He arrives home from shopping to discover masked intruders in his house who chase him, overpower his struggles to blindfold him and tie him up. The group silently go about their business. They mix a concoction of drugs and force-feed Bernard. Soon he falls unconscious, then the group take off their masks and start to communicate with each other. We learn that they seek revenge for the recent death of their friend Alice – one of Bernard’s students. The group are lead by Alice’s boyfriend Nick (by Simon Stone), with Alice’s best friend Natalie (by Sophie Lowe), Alice’s sister Cate (by Kestie Morassi) and the girls’ boyfriends Anthony (by Ashley Zuckerman) and John (by Leonard Winter) respectively. They have just come from Alice’s funeral and are convinced Bernard is to blame for her taking her own life, so they plan to murder him and stage it as a suicide. The simple plan goes well, they place Bernard’s body in a staged scenario with a suicide note and flee the house. All goes smoothly, until Anthony realises he’s left something behind at the house, so the group must return for it – then they realise Bernard’s body has moved … but how? what has happened here?  is this seemingly quick job really over? … then the plan begins to fall apart ….

This is a compelling movie. The performances are good and the plot will keep you interested. The best performance is from Simon Stone, as the group’s leader Nick. He is frightening, his obsession with killing Bernard has a chilling and authentic edge – you feel like he will stop at nothing to achieve this. The rest of the cast are okay. Damian De Montemas is very good as Bernard – I found him believable and the whole movie well done. The suspense and drama is built and drawn out well, it doesn’t go on too long and takes you on a good journey until the final scene. Here is where it weakens markedly – I felt the acting and climax of the final scene were lacking the intensity of the early scenes, which is a shame. However, overall the movie is well made, well performed and nicely done. The Australian landscape is nicely showcased in this movie also.

Made in 2010. Directed by Michael Henry

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