Mother’s Day

27 Apr

It’s dark and night-shift is managing the maternity ward at the hospital.  The security guard gets distracted and an unauthorised person enters the ward … one of the newborn babies is stolen. Twenty years later …. it’s dark and a bad storm is brewing. Three brothers – Ike, Addley and Johnny (played by Patrick John Flueger, Warren Kole and Matt O’Leary respectively) are driving along arguing. Their bank hold-up has just gone wrong – one of their team has double-crossed them and got away with all the money. One of the three brothers has been wounded and needs medical attention. The boys are arguing because they don’t know what to do – so they head for their mother’s place, so she can help them. On the other side of town, a birthday party is underway. Beth (by Jaime King) and Daniel Sohapi (by Frank Grillo) are hosting their six friends. Things are going well – the party is in full swing in their basement because this is the safest place to be – why not ride out the storm by partying through the night? – a good plan. The brothers arrive at their mother’s place, but their key won’t work so they break in – nobody is around so they start to tend to their brother. There’s one problem – their mother doesn’t live here any more – this is now Beth and Daniel’s house. Beth comes upstairs for more party supplies and finds them. The boys are taken aback and act quickly and violently which frightens Beth and alerts the rest of the party-goers. Things get brutal – and then their mother Natalie (by Rebecca De Mornay) and sister Lydia (by Deborah Ann Woll) arrive. Natalie’s not happy that someone else has moved into her house and she makes the decisions from here on. The family is totally under her control and she is totally insane ….

This movie is well made – and it’s good.  The thing that gets you in and keeps you there is the marvellous tread of psychological thrill that is always present throughout the movie. It is violent and bloody, but not gratuitously – I thought it was appropriate for the story. The characters are fascinating – particularly Natalie and her family.  Rebecca De Mornay is marvellous – Natalie is chillingly sweet and calm, but you know she’s really not that person.  Throughout the movie you wonder what’s really making Natalie the way she is … her children are totally under her spell and we learn why as the story progresses.  Most action takes place in the house and it can get shocking. Perhaps towards the end things get a little too “cookie-cutter” horror, but in general I thought this movie was very good.  Fabulous performances by Jaime King and Patrick John Flueger also.

Made in 2010.  Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman

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