26 Apr

Dr Martin Harris (played by Liam Neeson) is a world renowned scientist.  We meet him as he arrives in Berlin with his wife Liz (by January Jones), ready to make a keynote presentation at an international conference on biotechnology. Due to a series of circumstances, he and Liz are separated when they arrive at their hotel, then  Martin is seriously injured in a car accident and in a coma for four days. When he awakens, he has lost his memory and has no identification, so tries to piece his life and wereabouts back together. As he remembers details of his life and sets out to join his wife, Martin discovers that things he previously trusted are not real and someone else has taken his place – he starts to question his own identity and even his sanity. A series of dangerous incidents ensue and it becomes clear that Martin is involved in an international plot to assasinate a key conference member who is also an Arab funder of important but controversial research. Martin starts to unravel the mystery, with the help of Gretchen (by Eva Lobau) a nurse at the hospital, Gina (by Diane Kruger) the taxi driver involved in his accident and Ernst Jurgen (by Bruno Ganz) a retired secret agent – but is he who he thinks he is? Has his memory totally deserted him? What is really going on?

This is a good movie. I enjoyed it. The plot twists and turns several times, but never strays too far from the “possible”, so it does maintain interest and entertainment throughout.  The stunts are very well done, but never overdone and the pace is appropriate.  Liam Neeson brings his realistic style to this character and he is endearing, without being too heroic. January Jones is beautiful and plausible in her role as Elizabeth, but she is secondary (appropriately) to the role of Gina, which Diane Kruger brings to life very well. The direction is great and Berlin is showcased, without it taking priority over the story. It’s a good, entertaining movie.

Made in 2011.  Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra

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