07 Apr

Chris Farraday (played by Mark Wahlberg) is a one-time world-class smuggler who’s been going straight for a while now. He’s settled down with his wife Kate (by Kate Beckinsale) and his much adored children. Unfortunately, his brother-in-law Andy (by Caleb Landry Jones) has not quite managed to follow in Chris’ footsteps. Andy is involved up to his ears in a big-time cocaine job that suddenly goes horribly wrong and he needs Chris’ help to get him out of it. Faced with no choice – Andy is family after all – Chris must return to the underworld he left behind for one more, final (but huge and risky) job. Not only does Chris face danger himself, but his family are also at high risk until he can pull this job off and repay the debt Andy owes. Chris and his best friend Sebastian (by Ben Foster) plan the job and get it underway. Chris re-connects with his ex-underworld associates and pretty soon it’s all happening. Of course, things don’t quite go as smoothly as Chris had planned ….

This movie takes a while to build up, but it’s worth hanging in there for. Mark Wahlberg is great as the reformed Chris Farraday, who reluctantly but easily slips back into his old ways. His love for his wife and family are palpable and he really brings Chris to life. Kate Beckinsale’s role develops into far more than you first expect and she does well – as do Ben Foster and Caleb Landry Jones. The action sequences are good and the suspense and intrigue is developed well, particularly through the entertaining twists that keep you engaged until the conclusion.  All in all, it’s an enjoyable movie.

Made in 2011. Directed by Baltasar Kormakur

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