22 Mar

Connie Sumner (played by Diane Lane) and her husband Edward (by Richard Gere) are content and settled in their well-to-do life with their 9 year old son Charlie (Erik Per Sullivan) in their beautiful house in an idyllic green New York suburb. They are happy – their’s is a comfortable and stable world. One very windy day, Connie takes a trip into New York City and when trying to hail a cab in Soho she gets caught up in a strong gust of wind. She takes a fall, straight into Paul (by Olivier Martinez) who is also battling the weather. As he lives nearby, she takes shelter at his place to calm her nerves after her fall. Connie is immediately fascinated by Paul – he is young, French, creative and interesting (everything Edward is not) and he is like a breath of fresh air to her. She becomes obsessed with him and they eventually embark on a passionate affair. Connie feels totally overwhelmed with exhilaration and guilt but tries to find as much time as possible for Paul. Edward senses something is not right and when he catches Connie out in a lie, he decides to have her investigated – which leads him to Paul and a confrontation. Their world is suddenly turned upside down and Connie eventually wishes she had never laid eyes on Paul …

This movie is told very well – it is well made and the story develops in a compelling way. I can see how Connie gets into the situation she does, but (like Fatal Attraction) I feel frustrated that the whole thing doesn’t have to go this way … if only people didn’t give in to a sudden impulse in the first place. However, having said that, I do like this movie a lot. You can totally believe that this situation could arise – it’s entirely possible and compelling viewing from that point of view. Diane Lane is very good as Connie – a decent woman carried away after one stupid mistake. Richard Gere puts in a great performance here – it’s emotional and realistic – and Olivier Martinez is perfect as the carefree, artistic and very “French” Paul.

It is a good movie – the camera work provides atmosphere that supports the roller coaster of emotions very well and the musical score is great too.

Made 2002. Directed by Adrian Lyne

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