Swimming Pool

20 Mar

Sarah Morton (played by Charlotte Rampling) has written mystery novels for several years and she has a very successful career. When she starts her latest novel, she finds her home base in London a little too restrictive and seeks creative inspiration and a new environment. Her publisher, John Bosload (by Charles Dance) offers her a few weeks accommodation at his holiday villa in the South of France. She gladly accepts and immediately travels to Luberon. The villa is larger than she needs, but she settles in and happily gets to know her local village. She adapts to the European lifestyle very well and her creative instincts start to reawaken. This is just what she needs to get her writing back on track – until late one night, John’s 20-something daughter, Julie (by Ludivine Sagnier), a flightly, lazy and inconsiderate young woman, arrives unexpectedly. Sarah’s “British-ness” is jarred by Julie’s carefree and promiscuous lifestyle and the women clash. But then some unsettling events in the house lead Sarah to think a disappearance (even a murder) may have occurred – has it really? or is it just her mystery writer’s mind working overtime? 

This is a really entertaining thriller. It has been very well-made and is easy to watch. Charlotte Rampling is terrific and Charles Dance at his arrogant best. You will be taken in one direction, then suddenly realise things are heading elsewhere – which is delicious and very well done. Ludiine Sagnier is perfect as the sex-charged Julie and the setting in the South of France lends itself to a fabulously erotic and mysterious atmosphere – with the murky depths of the pool adding to the intrigue!  It’s very enjoyable.

Made 2003. Directed by François Ozon

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