Something Borrowed

19 Mar

Rachel (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) has been best friends with Darcy (by Kate Hudson) forever. She is celebrating her 30th birthday at surprise party where, as always, Darcy is the centre of attention. Over all these years, Rachel has just got used to making way so that Darcy has everything she wants, just because Darcy expects it and it happens. This was never more so than six years before when Rachel first made friends with her study partner, Dex (by Colin Egglesfield). Rachel really fell for Dex and when their study was over, they were out for dinner to celebrate the end of semester, but then Darcy arrived and immediately latched onto Dex – and so the rest is history. Rachel is still in love with Dex, but nobody ever noticed and she has just tried to get on with other things ever since. Now, at Rachel’s party, we learn that Darcy and Dex are about to get married. After the party, Rachel suddenly admits that she’s had a crush on Dex since college – he is surprised and as he’s always been drawn to her, they end up spending the night together. They both realise their mistake, but feelings and promises and secrets start to get confused. Rachel’s best friend Ethan (by John Krasinski) is always around to listen to Rachel and always provides the honest, down-to-earth point of view. But as Dex and Darcy’s wedding draws nearer the whole thing starts to get a bit messy  …

On the whole, this is a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy – but there is just a little more here.  With the exception of Rachel and Ethan, the characters are completely self-absorbed and totally awful – never giving consideration to anyone else or their feelings. Particularly Darcy – oh how much fun Kate Hudson must have had being her!  She is to be seen to be believed … a “shallow, superficial, spoilt rich-girl” doesn’t even start to cover it!  The most endearing and entertaining character is Rachel’s best friend Ethan. John Krasinski is just perfect being this side-kick friend – he is a totally authentic, honest and just a really nice guy – and the only one who really cares about Rachel. His dialogue is the best. Ginnifer Goodwin’s Rachel is actually quite realistic but I couldn’t help thinking that I’m glad I’m not part of that circle of Darcy, Dex and their other friends!

The movie is an adaptation of Emily Giffin‘s novel.

Made in 2011. Directed by Luke Greenfield

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