Get Shorty

14 Mar

Chili Palmer (played by John Travolta) is a Miami gangster and a loanshark. He works for Ray ‘Bones’ Barboni (by Dennis Farina) and he’s on the trail of an insurance fraudster who has cheated his client out of $300,000. But no sooner does Chili get near to his target, he is then put onto the trail of a bigger fish – LA low-budget movie director Harry Zimm. Being a movie lover, Chili can’t wait to get to LA and once within the bounds of Hollywood he gets distracted by his dream to become a movie producer. He finds Harry Zimm (by Gene Hackman) and starts to sell his movie idea – with interest from Harry’s leading lady Karen Flores (by Rene Russo) and much bigger mainstream star Martin Weir (by Danny DeVito) – also known as “Shorty“. However, Chili’s movie career isn’t quite going to fall smoothly into place – and he’s got a job to do in LA – but he gets mixed up with a range of gangsters (including James Gandolfini) who all want a piece of the action …

This dramatisation of the book by Elmore Leonard has been made into a really entertaining movie – with just the right balance of witty dialogue, twisting plot, eye-popping stunts and some low-life violence to keep the flavour going. John Travolta is perfectly cast and marvellous as the coolest of cool Chili and the stellar supporting cast all contribute excellent performances – particularly Gene Hackman, Dennis Farina and Danny DeVito. It’s a good movie and worth viewing again if you haven’t seen it for a while.

Made in 1995. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

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