Love Actually

11 Mar

In London in the mid-2000’s, people are trying to keep or find love in their lives and we see that love can come in many forms and can result in a wide range of emotions – elation, passion, fear, disappointment, frustration, heartache and despair. Through a series of linked and delightful scenarios, we watch eight relationships during the hectic month leading up to Christmas. Each features a form of love which is put to the test one way or another and we join the journey towards an outcome of each.

We meet a washed-up pop star (played by Bill Nighy) who is keen for a “come back”, a couple who are stand-in actors for porn movies, a grieving father (by Liam Neeson) who must care for his almost-teen son after the recent death of his wife/mother; a young man convinced love awaits him in Wisconsin (by Kris Marshall), a wedding and early marriage between young lovers (by Kiera Knightley and Chiwetel Ejiofor), unrequited love (by Andrew Lincoln and Laura Linney), workplace relationships (with Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson and Heike Makatsch), a new Prime Minister (by Hugh Grant) with an involuntarily coquettish co-worker (by Martine McCutcheon) and a heartbreaking infidelity which eventually results the excitement of early romance and new love (by Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz). Each scenario features a link to another and all eight scenarios make you feel warm inside at one point or another. The ending is a very “feel good” Christmas conclusion.

This is a very nice movie – it features a calvalcade of stars not all mentioned here (including Billy Bob Thornton and Rowan Atkinson) and is highly entertaining – in the style of “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Bridget Jones’ Diary”. All the characters are endearing – Bill Nighy as a loveable buffoon, Billy Bob Thornton is just exquisite in his uncredited role, Emma Thompson does heartbreak that touches your soul, Kris Marshall is simply georgeous, you will want to wrap Andrew Lincoln, Liam Neeson and Colin Firth in your arms to comfort them when you see their characters and Laura Linney performs her frustration and life-long disappointment with real honesty. The script is witty and the emotions are portrayed very well.  It’s just a very nice movie and one of my alltime favourites – enjoy!

Made 2003: Directed by Richard Curtis

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