Griff the Invisible

09 Mar

Griff (played by Ryan Kwanten) is 28, excruciatingly shy, bullied at work and totally obsessed with the super-hero “Griff the Invisible” – who he would much rather be, in fact he really thinks he is. The spends all his spare time and energy in the scientific quest to ensure Griff the Invisible will actually be invisible, which means he haunts the nearby hardware store for supplies. Every evening after another torturously boring and humiliating day at work, he monitors his neighbourhood surveillance equipment to make sure everyone is safe, in case he as to become Griff the Invisible and rescue them (which he does from time to time, in his home-made black rubber suit). His workplace bully, Toby (by Tony Schmitz) is relentless and Griff schemes daily to get his revenge on Toby. Griff’s brother, Tim (by Patrick Brammall) has moved interstate to be close by and make sure Griff is kept out of too much harm, because he knows of Griff’s penchant for superherodom. Tim is equally as socially inept – but not through lack of confidence, rather because he is totally unaware of how boring he is. One day, Tim brings his new girlfriend Melody (by Maeve Dermody) a science-nut – to visit Griff and she becomes besotted with him and his activities. She decides to help Griff get his revenge on Toby, but things don’t quite go as planned ….

Although crazy and bizarre, this movie is totally original and is worthwhile from that point of view.  The performances are all very well done – Griff is just such an unusual guy and Ryan Kwanten has this role down to a fine art. Melody is beautifully played by Maeve Dermody in all her scientific and brilliant eccentricity. The two support roles by Patrick Brammall and Toby Schmitz are great.  Melody’s parents are wonderfully played by Marshall Napier and Heather Mitchell.  It’s pretty good actually.

Made 2011:  Directed by Leon Ford

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